Learn how to Quickly regain control of a highly distressing situation. Then if we need to do a longer DBT skill to help problem solve we move into DBT Pros and Cons. 

Learning the difference between Willing and Willful and how to challenge yourself to take away judgment and open your awareness and how to have small changes to lead you to happiness. 

November 5, 2020

The DBT Improve Skill“

Learn how to improve the moment by using the DBT acronym IMPROVE.

Using the basic skills you were born with. Learn how to use the simple 5 senses to help through distressing times. 

The 2020 election and the build up the the results is causing a lot of emotional distress, this episode explores 3 key DBT skills on how to Cope Ahead for the day and how to be prepared. 

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COVID Fatigue, Election Fatigue and the Holidays are a great time to sure up your boundaries and make sure you are staying true to your values and what you can control and what you are responsible for. 

Saying NO is NOT easy, so I have provided a few easy concepts to use during this time to help take care of self and say NO! 

As a therapist I have used a few of the mainstream DBT books that help clients individually and in a group setting and while they are good, I would like for you consider the following workbook as a great addition for your DBT toolbox.

Carol Lozier is a wonderful DBT writer and social worker who has been doing this for 30+ years and has written other books on DBT and helping those to understand the skills.

I was gifted this book during the COVID-19 Pandemic and while writing my own workbook. This workbook is so wonderful for children who are in an age group that I am not trained in ( under 14 ) and she does such a great job with her examples on mindfulness and how she describes these abstract ideas/concepts to a younger population. She has some wonderful activities for the parent/caregiver or therapist to use with the client. I have not seen a workbook for this age range that truly tackles all of the DBT skills. 

The TIPP Skill is a quick intervention that is used to change your body chemistry, so that you can begin to regain some control and then look for validation or problem solving. This is especially helpful in a panic attack situation or where you have just been triggered and feel numb. 

In DBT it is important to know what to do in the time of Crisis or BIG EMOTIONS. In this episode we discuss Distress Tolerance and practical ideas in what to do in those moments. These are excellent life skills for anyone and how to interrupt any behavior that brings on additional distress in your life. 

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